la foto 3I grew up in the countryside where all type of animals were present in my life during my childhood. My first dog was a water spaniel called “Tarzán”, we hoad it working with the cows.
In 1990 I started going to dog contests and learning about it. The same year I presented my first pedigree dog to a contest, was a Dalmata. Them, some other came, like a Cocker Spaniel, Schnaucer Miniature and a Golden Retriever.

But when I got to know the first Labrador Retriever I felt in love with the breed. That sweet expresion in its face, always ready to work, its equilibriun, spirit and energy… from that moment on, many of these wonder ful dogs have pessed through my life, but the one that made the difference is Ch. Pumpkin from Rio Nevado, a beautiful make that made an absolut BIS in the first monographic organised by “Asociación Labrador Retriever Association) as well as other fire winner tittles in different countries.
It has always been an illussion to me to become a judge in these contests. In 2000 I started preparing my self for if, and ofter years of hard work and dedication, with an inconditional support from my wife and kids I am now a judge in “Real Sociedad Canina de España”, (Spanish Royal Dog Society) for Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and water Spaniel, having participated im important shows such as Alicante, Granada, Jerez de la Frontera…

la-foto-2Die to my passion for Labrador Retriever, I am now dedicated to grow good animals, as close as possible to FCI standards, and enjoy them in and out of the rings. In 2014, I have adquired for my pack a make from England coming from the prestigious English judge Judith Charlton from foxrush licence named Foxrush Great Edition, with the hope of opening new blood lines in my dogs.

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